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Reach In-Market Shoppers With Smart Cross-Platform Campaigns

  • Hands down the fastest and most effective platform for getting ads in front of local shoppers

  • Blanket your entire area with specials or target specific groups based upon individuals’ unique AI-discovered attributes.

  • Retarget, engage and identify those consumers most likely to purchase the inventory on your lot.

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How Are Dealers Using Better Data To Reach In-Market Auto Shoppers On Facebook?

They’re Reaching Beyond The List Of People Who Like Their Page

Don’t settle for marketing campaigns that just retarget your currrent website visitors or people who already “Like Your Page”. Instead, use artificial intelligence to reach anyone near your dealership based on purchase intent and behavioral data that helps convert consumers to purchasers.

How You Can Use AI Smart Targeting:

  • Stop wasting marketing dollars on blanket geographic advertising and only show your ads to those who will be interested in the vehicles on your lot.

  • Use AI-enhanced data to find the customers interested in your vehicles.

  • Connect with your audience based on unique smart attributes identified by the Autobot like marital status, family status, current vehicle ownership and past engagement activity.

Understand Your Online Consumers Better with Smart AI-Driven Data

AI-Enhanced Smart Data:

AI-Enhanced Smart Data:

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Cutting Edge Facebook Technology Meets A Stronger, Targeted Content Strategy

Lead Ads

Lead Ads enable your customers to submit their information without leaving Facebook. By pre-filling form fields based off public Facebook info and avoiding site redirection, your audience will enjoy a seamless and simple lead form experience.

With Lead Ads, your customers can easily:

  • Request a price quote
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Redeem a special offer

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads give auto dealers the opportunity to draw in consumers with multiple photos. By allowing users to scroll through up to 5 images in one ad, you’ll have more room to show off your inventory and special offers.

3 Ways To Use Carousel Ads:

  • Show off multiple units that fit an OEM promotion

  • Spotlight multiple OEM promotions at once (APR, Term, Down)

  • Increase clicks by pairing it with AI-enhanced data.

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